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Hazard Traffic Safety Acrylic Reflective Film Caution Tape Warning Tape

Product Features

Caution Tape is made of a acrylic film as carrier material which has an eye-catching background, Caution and Danger in order to alert people for safety purpose. In reference to avoid hazardous areas, it is also known as Barricade Tape, Warning Tape.


1.Non-toxic with low acid contents as well as safe in term of health

2.Moisture-proof, outstanding resistance against oil, solvent as well as water

3.Non adhesive tape design and good weather resistance promote shelf life of tape


1.High strength and good flexibility provide excellent manipulating power

2.Bright colour which help to strengthen the visual result and code for safety warning

3.Use indoor and outdoor due to excellent adaption over severe temperature changes


1.As a marking for parking lot, equipment storage, first aid as well as wall storage

2.Specially for traffic alert, road guide, traffic control, aisle marking and fire fighter marking

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