Product Details

HY-552 Luggage Oscillation Impact Testing Machine

Brand Name hengyu
Place of Origin China
Model Number HY-552
Power Electronic
Usage Auto Testing Machine

Product Features

HY-552 Luggage Oscillation Impact Tester (new standard adds luggage lifting function)

One. product manual:

This test machine is used to test the bump resistance of the luggage, the handle of the travel bag, the handle and the overall structure. During the test, the luggage, travel bag, etc. are loaded with the specified load, and the test piece is tested at a speed impact of 20 times per minute and a stroke of 0 to 4 inches. The test result can be used as a reference for product improvement. With touch screen control, it can accurately display the speed, the number of tests, and display the test process. The screen is simple and simple to operate, and the appearance is elegant and generous.

Second, product specifications: (PLC human-machine interface control, running independent research and development V1.0 test software)

A. Meet the criteria: QB/T1333-2018-, QB/T2155-2018-5.5.4, QB/T5082-2017-5.5.1.

B. Impact device: The mass is (8.1±0.2) kg, and the one-way stroke of up and down movement is (150±5) mm.

C. Impact height: (0 ~ 200) mm adjustable

D. Vibration mode: spring type 1.79kg/mm, (17.54±0.88) N/mm,

E. Control mode: touch screen + PLC control

G. Maximum load: 100kg

H. Test speed: 20 times / minute

I. Number setting: 0~999.9 hours, automatic stop (power failure memory function)

J. Control mode: PLC+ touch screen

M. Safety protection device: photoelectric sensor

L. Two sets of test fixtures: one set of trolley handle grips and two shoulder strap clamps

N. Power: AC220V 50HZ

O. Volume: (150x200x2900) mm (L × W × H),

 Weight (approx): 200kg

Third, the attachment:

A. A Chinese operating manual for the instrument

B. Instrument warranty card

C. International third-party CNAS laboratory school report

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