Product Details

Rectangular and square steel pipe for Aerial ladder

Thickness 1.5, 30
Section Shape Rectangular

Product Features

Aerial ladder main use size is below 

material size usage 
Q550E30*30*3Aerial ladder arm 
Q550E25*25*3Aerial ladder arm 
Q550E150*75*9Aerial ladder arm 
Q550E120*60*8Aerial ladder arm 
Q550E100*50*4Aerial ladder arm 
Q550E80*40*EAerial ladder arm 
Q800E75*50*45*4Aerial ladder arm 

If need more size information pls feel free contact with me 

Product features:flexible processing, non-standard specifications can be opened for mold production, and can be customized in small quantities; The low alloy series has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, easy welding, low temperature resistance and fatigue resistance; The comprehensive performance and service life are higher than those of welded pipe;

Application fields:  passenger car frame, vehicle axle, rail locomotive, crane boom, mixer subframe, oil derrick, marine engineering ship, nuclear power, wind power, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, locomotive, bridge and sustainable construction industry

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