Product Details

Sell GQ-1129/1129D Signal level meter

Brand Name GUOQIN
Place of Origin China
Model Number GQ-1129/1129D Signal level meter

Product Features

TV Field Intensity applies to the need of the television and cable television engineering installation and detection, it is the high-performance surveying instrument specially designed for the cable television technical personnel.

The instrument adopts the all-number display, the readings on the measuring instrument are clear and precise, and owing to the introduction of the micro processing unit, therefore, it makes its functions stronger, the precision higher, operation more flexible and convenient. The large screen figure monitor is very convenient to measure the main technical targets of CATV system. It has the functions such as the single-channel, multi-channel, all-band scanning, difference-carrying measurement, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR, S/N) measurement and spectrum analysis frequency analysis etc.

Tuning range:from 5M~862MHz
Tuning mode:by channels or by frequency
Level measurement
Analogue channels Measurement
IF bandwidth:280kHz+50kHz
Input impedance:75ohm
Measuring range:from 25 to 120 dBuv
Accuracy:+2dB (from 0 to 400C)
Digital channels Measurement
MER (modulation error ratio) measurement range:19~35dB for 64 QAM
Accuracy :+2dB
BER (bit error rate) measured before RS decoding measurement range:10E-2 to 10E-8
Symbol rate:1MS/S-7MS/S
Modulations type:16/32/64/128/256QAM DVB-C/ITU-TJ.83-AnnexA
Frequency tuner:100 KHz
Measuring range:from 40 to 120 dBuv
Accuracy:+3dB (from 0 to 400C)

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