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Transparent silicone button

Place of Origin China
Model Number Transparent silicone keyboard

Product Features

Silicone Button, also called clear silicone button, known as rubber button, silicone keys, button switches, which made of transparent clear silicone materials by compression mold tooling as a electrical contact switches. Many users would like to take full advantage of transparent clear silicone chararteristics to decorate device like backlight silicone button, laser etched silicone keypad, silicone keyboard with light pipe, clear silicone buttons etc. Transprarent silicone 4x4 button pad is one of famous clear silicone buttons.

Transparent silica gel button, also known as rubber button, silica gel button, button switch.As an electrical contact switch, it is made of transparent silica gel material processed by compression mold.We can make use of the characteristics of transparent silica gel to decorate and beautify our equipment, such as adding backlit transparent silica gel keys, spraying silicone keyboard after laser etching, etc.The 4x4 transparent silicone button pad is one of the most famous and commonly used transparent silicone buttons.截图31

Transparent silica gel button cover, mainly with transparent silica gel button cover, transparent silica gel lamp tube, backlit silica gel button cover and other LED lighting.



Rubber button looks simple, in fact, in terms of design and production, will design a lot of ways, such as rubber button structure, key schedule, contact and resilience, and designers also has asked for silicone rubber button surface treatment, and button design material selection, hardness difference and influence each other and other considerations.


Clear Silicone Button Cover, some design for like silicone keyboard cover, which only for decoration or protect keyboard switches without contacts, know as keycap & button cover.


Silicone Rubber Button Quotation Demands:

1. Offer Silicone Button 2D/3D Design drawings, Samples

2. Button Surface Demands: Legends Demands, Key & Button Color Demands, SprayColor Coating, Key-Setting

3. Button Protective Coating: PU Coating, Epoxy Coating, Matte Smooth, Plastic & Metal Keycap (Key Cover)

4. Button Contact Demands: Carbon Pills, Electrically Conductive Ink Prining, Metal Dome, (Or only need Silicone Rubber Switches Cover.)

4. Contact Resistance Demands: 1-250 Ohm

5. Silicone Button Actuation Force: 40g-300g

6. Quantity Demands: FOQ & EAU

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