Product Details

Soccer Grass Equipment Lawn Tufting Machine Gold panning grass equipment Artificial grass production line

Brand Name Qingdao Ruisibel Trading
Place of Origin China
Model Number RSBE-5
Type textile

Product Features

The elastic artificial grass tip blade of plastic lawn is made of polyethylene, which has good compression resistance and practical characteristics; the bottom is designed with anti-slip texture, which is not easy to fall, anti-corrosion, stable in shock absorption and shock absorption. The absorption capacity can reach more than 55%, which is close to the shock absorption effect of the lawn, which can well protect the athletes from injury; the special hollow design not only ensures good water permeability, but also prevents the product from expanding and contracting due to heat As for deformation, it has good stability. The roll length, density, shock absorption performance and drainage performance can be adjusted flexibly, which can flexibly respond to the needs of various sites, reduce losses and manpower, will not rot or pulverize, and has a long service life; long service life For more than 8 years, no care and maintenance are required, saving later costs.

Support customization, strong brand, strict quality control, complete specifications, long service life!Perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service, sufficient inventory and rich varieties, welcome new and old customers to visit the factory or inquire, contact number: 86+13012507963

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