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About Classical Furniture Styles Whole House Design 

Interior design trends in 2020


If there is one way to describe the classic house design trends we will see more of in 2020, it’s anything goes. While signature the looks of 2019 and the early aughts like accent walls and all-white kitchens won’t be going away entirely, they will certainly evolve in the upcoming years.


Off-Trend Will Be On Trend

People are designing their homes to reflect their personalities and creating spaces that tell their story. What makes you truly happy is more important than what you see in magazines or on social media.


Timeless Looks That Can Evolve

In recent years, there has classic furniture for sale. So, whether it’s a renovation or simply purchasing furniture that they really love, consumers are thinking more long-term than they have in the past.


Sustainable Materials

Along these lines, sustainability has become increasingly more important. As society gravitates towards more eco-friendly lifestyles, people are more ecologically conscious and knowledgeable than ever before.


Swags And Easy-To-Use Fixtures

Countryside Chic

While the typical farmhouse look is becoming as tired as a Live, Laugh, Love sign, this style will lean towards a more sophisticated, European-inspired look.


Colors Will Become The New Neutrals

Neutrals will be replaced by warm colors, saturated hues and jewel tones, Tiles, cabinetry, and walls all serve as opportunities for more color.


Patterned Everything

Pattern, especially layered patterns are becoming more prevalent for tabletop and textiles designs. The key to this trend is that there aren’t any rules.


Bold Trim And Ceilings

High contrast design is making a big comeback. It gives an otherwise more monochromatic room a crispness and a fresher take on neutrals. Bold black and white feels fresh yet timeless, especially in graphic or Art Deco inspired patterns.


Natural Luxury

We’ll be seeing more natural materials with a luxurious spin like marble finishes in bathrooms and kitchens and also marble accents such as vases, bowls and candleholders. Linen will also be big, but in beautiful jewel tones, with finished edges that feel more polished than the raw edge boho take we’ve seen in the past.


Handmade Goods

People are seeking out companies and artists whose product has a story and a point of view rather than mass-made items.


Two-Tone Kitchens

The iconic white kitchens we’ve been seeing so much of will be slowly phased out in favor of two-tone kitchens instead. We're seeing a pretty even mix of two colors (black base and white uppers is common), along with blending wood with color to either lighten what otherwise might be a rustic feel, or to add a bit of pop.


Reasons to love and select the classic interior design style.


1. The valuable and refined nature of the materials 

hatever classic style you have selected to furnish your home, the pleasure and emotion of the nobility of marble, the warmth of oak and the elegance of golden and silver finishes or plastering is assured.


2. Furniture and accessories with an ancient flavour

Beds, dressers, sofas, tables, lamps, clocks and perhaps even a garden with a fountain: a classic interior design offers you the chance of enjoying furniture and objects that could also be at home in a museum. With the difference that you are living with their elegance and beauty.


3. The richness of the finishes and the decorations

It must be said, the classic style is not one that easily lends itself to economical solutions. This is the case for the materials, as described before, as well as for the importance of finishes and elements of decor. A rich but always balanced approach is seen in the furnishings, walls, doors and windows. Just think of the endless possibilities of a capital sited on a half-column.


4. The colour: tenuous and welcoming

Even though it has been widely proven that the ancient villas of the Roman and Greek age were not entirely white (unfortunately time has had its way with the beautiful mural paintings of theses ages), light and tenuous colours were predominant and so it remains. Contrasts are avoided to enhance the feelings of serenity and functionality.


5. Uniform and inclusive illumination 

You don’t need to hang enormous crystal chandeliers (too fairytale like) but it must be said that classic style lighting is in keeping with the atmosphere. The space features lamps made from luxury materials that diffuse and distribute the light in a uniform manner and reinforce the sense of elegance and hospitality.



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