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Sell Writing Tablet (SuperPen 0503)

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Model No.:81068007
Product Origin:China
Brand Name:HANVON
Price Terms:FOB Beijing
Payment Terms:T/T
Description:Features: 1) Cordless and battery-free pen with exceptional pressure sensitivity will enable you to write, sign or draw freely by the speed, strength, and stroke sizes of the pen 2) Supports pressure sensitivity programs including Photoshop®, Painter®, Flash®, and Photoimpact® 3) Supports Unicode input, able to write any Unicode Chinese 4) Able to recognize traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English, Numbers, Punctuations and Japanese 5) Large library with multi-language characters or symbols 6) Efficient freestyle English handwriting recognition, with over 26,000 words in database 7) A personalized handwriting system that intelligently learns personal handwriting script 8) Voice correction system assists you to collate the inputting handwriting Specifications: 1) Tablet size (W x D x H): 210 x 185 x10mm 2) Pen size (L x D): 145 x 12mm 3) Pen style: wireless pen 4) Active area: 130 x 76mm (5" x 3") 5) Resolution: 1,016LPI (0.025mm) 6) Accuracy: ±0.5mm 7) Pressure levels: 512 levels 8) Report rate: 100pps 9) Max. reading height: 5mm 10) Weight: 802g 11) Cable length: 150cm 12) Interface: USB Technical requirements: 1) Windows: Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, CD-ROM drive and USB port 2) Software included: driver, Sino pen, pen sign, pen mark, pen mail, photo reader, screen reader Bundled software 1) Pen sign: signs your name on any spot of the screen. Works with any major word processing programs 2) Pen mark: writes comments, annotates key points on any documents shown on screen. A great tool for presentation, works interactively with audience. Effective assistance for teaching, training and conference 3) Pen mail: writes your E-mail by your handwriting or scribbling with Microsoft® outlook®, outlook® Express, MSN and Instant Messenger 4) Sino pen: a handwriting software enables you to input words freely on the screen, containing the most suitable handwriting interface 5) Photo reader: able to recognize traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English and table forms, export data to different word processing software, and make full-article translation at one time 6) Screen reader: able to catch the screen and recognize the text contents. Easy to convert the data into editable text

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