Product Details

Anti-microbial underwear

Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name YKY
Model Number YD-U101

Product Features


Silver fiber underpants
Lasting control of bacteria/
fungi and body odor,anti-static

Silver fiber underpants
1. Natural, safe, anti-bacterial, and sterilizing.
2.Lasting control of bacteria and fungi and body odor.
3. Ability of anti-static.
4.Adjustment of body temperature--cool in summer,warm in winter,stimulate circulation.

  Towards various kinds of gynecological diseases,such as Pelvic Infection,Menorrhalgia,Menstrual blood does not transfer,coleitis,pruritus vulvae,haemorrhoids and obstipation,this kind of underpants have positive effects on prevention and treatment.
Product efficacy:Stimulate ovary to excret estrogen,Delay menopause,Reversal senescence,Improve local blood circulation,Adjust corresponding visceral organ function,Indomethacin antipruritic,Breathable and dry,Antibacterial and deodorant.

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