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Steam Jacketed Cooker Best Stir Fry Pan For Chocolate Cream

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Product Features

Product features.

1. This product is a tilting downward stirring wok, which solves the problem of difficult discharging and difficult cleaning

caused by upper stirring. It is in a leading position in the domestic industry.

2. The bottom and top of the pot of the equipment are divided into three layers structure, with heat preservation, circulating oil circuit, heating fast, energy saving.So that the output will increase.

3, scraping bottom mixing system, completely solve the high viscosity material nutrients are not destroyed, to meet the green environmental protection standards, is the ideal choice of food stuffing enterprises.

4, automatic discharging system, using circuit control, more convenient to use.Pot body can be tilted at any Angle to reduce labor force and improve production efficiency.

The planetary stir-frying pan is a semi-spherical stainless steel pot body with a single stamping molding. It adopts the heating forms of steam, liquefied gas, natural gas and so on. The stir-frying method adopts a special tilting transmission.The use of advanced transmission and sealing structure, so that the transmission part and the pot clean, sanitary.Adopt frequency conversion speed regulating power, running more stably.In addition, the machine adopts hydraulic lifting, turning over the pan to transport materials, without disassembling and assembling the agitator, which saves manpower and reduces labor intensity, and is a food processing equipment with excellent performance.

Product Composition: 

The planetary stirring pan is mainly composed of the pot body, frame body, stirring system, heating system, speed control transmission device, stirring shaft, pot body turnover system. 

1. Pot Body: The pot body is a semi-spherical stainless steel one-time stamping, the overall roundness error is small, stirrer and pot body fitting high to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of the pot. 

2. Agitator System: The agitator adopts a special inclined rotation, so that the planet is in full contact with the pot, so that the rotation and rotation of the integer rotation ratio, so that there is no mixing dead angle in the pot, mixing materials more evenly, the mixer uses a polytetrafluoroethylene scraper with a high degree of adhesion to the pot body, scraping a more thorough, not easy to produce the phenomenon of the pot. 

3. Speed regulating drive: The stirring shaft uses the advanced rotating and sealing structure to make the pot clean and sanitary, and the speed regulating is driven by frequency conversion, running smoothly. 

4. Pot Body turnover system: hydraulic lifting mode, to achieve mixing and the pot body after the separation of hydraulic tilt dumping, can tilt 90 degrees angle, dumping no dead angle, easy to clean, reduce labor intensity. 

5. Model can be divided into 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L and other specifications according to actual volume. Non-conventional capacity products can be customized processing requirements. 

6. Heating System: Using Steam (jacket heating (steam) , gas, electric heating oil, electromagnetic heating and other heating forms for customers to choose.

Company profile

We are a wholly-owned private enterprise specializing in the production of sterilization tanks (sterilization tanks, sterilization pots), vacuum packaging machines, washing and drying lines, frying pans and other food industry equipment. D1, d2 level special equipment manufacturing license (pressure vessel) issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China. Products are exported to more than 20 provinces and cities including China, India, Vietnam, Nigeria, Egypt, North Korea, Mongolia, Australia, and the Philippines. The company covers an area of 3,000 square meters and a building area of 1,200 square meters. There are 26 management, research and development, engineering and technical personnel. The production technology of computerized automatic spray sterilization pot and computerized automatic double-layer hot water circulation sterilization pot is in the leading position in the industry. "Details determine quality, service wins customers" is the company's business tenet, and "Only professionalism can excel" is the company's Business philosophy.

Product Description: 

This product is a one-time stamping forming of the hemispherical stainless steel pot, you can use electric heating, steam heating, mixing mode using a special inclined transmission, the use of the planet stirrer and pot full contact, to achieve transmission revolution and autobiography of the Integer transmission ratio, so that no stirring pot dead angle. It is mainly used for stir-frying chafing dish base, Chili Sauce, mooncake stuffing, Red bean paste, and large-scale dining hall stir-frying. The equipment has good stir-frying effect, can not get the bottom, can stir-fry, can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity. Electric heating breaks the way of cooking with open fire, has the characteristics of fast heating, no open fire, no smoke and dust, no harmful gas, no radiation to the surrounding environment, good safety and beautiful appearance, etc.

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