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Mosquito Magnet MM3200

Brand Name Mosquito Magnet
Place of Origin China
Model Number MM3200

Product Features

Who we are ?

We are the professional manufacturer of outdoor mosquitomagnet trap for more than 20 years. 

we are serving for global important and large-scale customers with qualified products and excellent credit.

We are looking for new distributers in your country or areas for cooperation at present.

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Mosquito  Trap MM3200

How It Works

Human attract mosquito by releasing a precise and steady stream of carbon dioxide, heat, moisture and a secondary attractant to lure mosquitoes and 

It works too. We call it Attract-mosquito-Robot. It had been proven to safely and effectively control mosquitoes

 The option to use a secondary attractant makes the best propane mosquito trap  more effective  for controlling mosquitoes. attractant can increase your trap’s catch rate by 10 times the original rate.

Its characteristics:

An great invention, the best tool for you to relax and enjoy yur yard free from mosquitoes.

Long-term solution of control mosquitoes scientifically proven to safely and effectively 

Protects one  full acre of land

No power required

Easy to setup and operate

Heavy duty plastic and marine-grade materials 

Fit for the harshest environments such as storm and heavy wind.


How about its effect?

It can kill all of the mosquitoes in your yard after it is working for one or two months.

Because it simulates human's smell and attracts Female Mosquitoes into its net and disrupts their breeding cycle all season long.

It is a Robot who help your catch the mosquito automatically and 24 hours/ 7 days.

You will be surprise: where does mosquito go? 

It will help your family always throught the year.

send us email to  Helen 

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