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ZTE 3950-28TM, RS-3950-28TM-AC, 24 FE RJ45 + 2 GE SFP + 1 expansion card slot ZTE ZXR10 3950

Products Status Stock
Ports Other, ≥ 48
Transmission Rate 10/100/1000Mbps
Function LACP, POE, QoS, SNMP, Stackable, VLAN Support
Communication Mode Other, Full-Duplex & Half-Duplex
Certification CE RoHS FCC
Switch Capacity 32Gbps
Brand Name ZTE
Model Number ZTE 3950-28TM
Place of Origin Guangdong, China

Product Features

ZTE 3950-28TM,  RS-3950-28TM-AC, 24 FE RJ45 + 2 GE SFP + 1 expansion card slot  ZTE ZXR10 3950


ZTE Switch ZXR10 3950 Series L3 Intelligent Ethernet Switch 



ZXR10 3950 series L3 Intelligent Ethernet switches are box-like 1 RU height layer 3 routing switches. ZXR10 3950 series switches provide high density of FE Ethernet ports, complete L2 switching and L3 routing functionalities, enhanced POE/POE+ ability, enabling them to be deployed as access or convergence devices for intelligent campus network.


ZTE 3950-28TM,  RS-3950-28TM-AC, 24 FE RJ45 + 2 GE SFP + 1 expansion card slot  ZTE ZXR10 3950
ZTE 3950-28PM, RS-3950-28PM-AC, 24 FE RJ45 POE + 2 GE SFP +1 expansion card slot  ZTE ZXR10 3950
ZTE 3950-28SM,  RS-3950-28SM-AC, 24 FE SFP + 2 GE SFP + 1 expansion card slot  ZTE ZXR10 3950
ZTE 3950-52TS,  RS-3950-52TS-AC, 48 FE RJ45 + 4 GE SFP  ZTE ZXR10 3950


ZTE 3950-28TM, RS-3950-28TM-AC, 24 FE RJ45 + 2 GE SFP + 1 expansion card slot ZTE ZXR10 3950ZTE 3950-28TM, RS-3950-28TM-AC, 24 FE RJ45 + 2 GE SFP + 1 expansion card slot ZTE ZXR10 3950ZTE 3950-28TM, RS-3950-28TM-AC, 24 FE RJ45 + 2 GE SFP + 1 expansion card slot ZTE ZXR10 3950




 ZXR10 3900A has complete L2 switching and L3 routing capabilities. It supports POE, stacking and comprehensive security and reliability related features.

 Full Service Support

ZXR10 3900A series switches support diversified VLAN features, including SuperVLAN, QinQ, selective QinQ, VLAN translation and PVLAN. 

VLAN translation can be used to separate and distinguish services, while PVLAN can help restrict the direct L2 communication between downlink ports. 

QinQ and selective QinQ enable the administrator to distinguish user and service at the access side effectively.

ZXR10 3900A supports routing mechanisms including static routing, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS and BGP. 

Multicast based technologies like video-surveillance and videoconference are becoming more and more popular these days. ZXR10 3900A fully supports L2/L3 multicast, including IGMP snooping, Filtering, Proxy and Fastleave, MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration) and PIM-SM to facilitate the deployments of these services

ZXR10 3900A supports MCE (multi-vrf CE), which means the capability to simulate multiple CE to reduce the number of CE equipments and reduce interface requirement for PE. Each virtual CE is separated from other virtual CE. User isolation and security guarantee can be implemented by multi-vrf CE.

 Super Extensible Stacking

ZXR10 3900A supports super extensible stacking function; a working stack can accept new members or delete existing ones without service interruption, Network extensibility is enhanced for user can freely increase the capacity of a single logical network node. N+1 redundancy for the master switch help avoid single-point failure and reduces service breakdown. ZXR10 3900A series switch can provide long-distance (up to 120km) stacking solution. Access interfaces from different member switches can be used to form a logical smartgroup, fully leveraging the capacity of each single switch member, and increase the flexibility of designing network.

Intelligent Power Over Ethernet

All the electrical access interfaces of ZXR10 3928A-PS support POE and POE+, which go in line with 802.3af and 802.3at standards, and are compatible with PD equipments that doesn't support 802.3af and 802.3at. For POE, the power output per single interface can reach 15.4W. For POE+, the power output per single interface can reach 30W. 

ZXR10 3900A supports assigning time-ranges for POE, in time periods that doesn't need power output, the POE function can be turned off, saving energy for the customer. 

Enhanced Reliability

Loop detection allows switch to detect possible loops without the need to enable STP. 

With UDLD (uni-Directional Link Detection), uni-directional link failure caused by wiring mistake or port failure can be detected. 

ZXR10 3900A fully supports 802.3ad LACP (link aggregation control protocol) to provide redundancy in case link failure happens, and to broaden bandwidth. 

When deployed in layer 2 environment, ZESR/ZESR+ (ZTE Ethernet Smart Ring) and ZESS (ZTE Ethernet Smart Switching) can be used to realize fast switchover in case of single point failure. 

ZXR10 3900A supports both close ring ZESR and open ring ZESR+, which are both very good network redundancy solutions in ring topology networks.

ZESS is a very simple yet effective means to realize dual-homing purpose. 

Compared with STP, the biggest advantage is that the link will switch and recover quickly when one way is disconnected and the switchover can be done in 50ms. ZESR/ZESR+ support VLAN load balancing to enable efficient utilization of redundant links.

Enhanced Security

ZXR10 3900A supports diversified mechanisms to guarantee the security of the network: 

CPU DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection capability helps the equipment to mitigate the influence caused by attacks. Equipment itself won't be brought down to ensure the network stability.

DAI (Dynamic ARP inspection) function and IP/MAC binding help prevent against DOS (Denial of Service) attacks.

802.1X can be used for authentication purpose. Working together with policy server, the user control policy can be applied to 3900A after the authentication is done. Bandwidth limit/Qos strategy can thus be implemented automatically.

Enhanced routing protocol communications, including simple password test and MD5 authentication can be used to prevent from the alteration of routing protocol interactions.

Functions and Parameters





Interface Combination

Fixed interfaces

24 FE RJ45 ports+2 GE SFP ports

24 FE RJ45 ports (POE/POE+)+2 GE SFP ports

24 FE SFP ports+2 GE SFP ports

48 FE RJ45 ports+4 GE SFP ports

Expansion card (Number of expansion card slots*Type of expansion card)

1*(1 GE RJ45 port+1 GE SFP port)/1*2 GE RJ45 ports/1*2 FE SFP ports/1*2 GE SFP ports


Basic Parameters

Backplane Capacity





Switching Capacity





Packet Forwarding Rate





Route table Depth(host route number +subnet route number)


MAC table Depth


Equipment Management

Local management

RS232 Console (RJ45),  Ethernet management port,  CLI,   Telnet,  SSH,  Local and remote(Radius/Tacacs+)authentication of user,  Web management,  SNMP,  NetNumen U31, Cluster Management (ZGMP)

Physical Parameters




43.6mm *442mm *280mm

43.6mm *442mm *280mm

43.6mm *442mm *280mm

43.6mm *442mm *360mm

Maximum Weight





DC power supply


-57V~-48V(POE:-57V~-48V, POE+:-57V~-53V)



AC power supply





1100W RPS Power Supply AC Input: 100V~240V,

DC Output :-55V~-53V





Maximum power consumption


785W (Among which system power 65W,  POE power output 720W)



Power redundancy pattern



180W RPS(Redundant Power Supply):

AC/DC Input :100V~240V/-48V,

DC Output:+12V

180W RPS(Redundant Power Supply):

AC/DC Input :100V~240V/-48V,

DC Output:+12V

Heat dissipation pattern

Cooling without Fan

Fan cooling

Fan cooling

Fan cooling

Heat dissipation

49 BTU/h

182 BTU/h

56 BTU/h

70 BTU/h

Temperature, humidity

Working temperature: -5oC ~+45oC,    humidity:10%~90%

Working altitude

<3000 meters


> 100000 hours/ < 30 minutes


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ZTE 3950-28TM, RS-3950-28TM-AC, 24 FE RJ45 + 2 GE SFP + 1 expansion card slot ZTE ZXR10 3950

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