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ZTE 2950-18TC, RS-2950-18TC-AC, 16 FE RJ45 + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950

Products Status Stock
Ports Other, ≥ 48
Transmission Rate 10/100/1000Mbps
Function LACP, POE, QoS, SNMP, Stackable, VLAN Support
Communication Mode Other, Full-Duplex & Half-Duplex
Certification CE RoHS FCC
Switch Capacity 32Gbps
Brand Name ZTE
Model Number ZTE 2950-18TC
Place of Origin Guangdong, China

Product Features

ZTE 2950-18TC,  RS-2950-18TC-AC, 16 FE RJ45 + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950


ZTE ZXR10 2950 Series Easy-maintenance Secure Switch

ZTE 2950-10PC, RS-2950-10PC-AC, 8 FE RJ45 POE/POE+ + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950
ZTE 2950-18PC, RS-2950-18PC-AC, RS-SWPB-550W-AC, 16 FE RJ45 POE/POE+ + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950
ZTE 2950-28PM, RS-2950-28PM, 24 FE RJ45 POE/POE+ +1 expansion card slot  ZTE ZXR10 2950
ZTE 2950-18TC,  RS-2950-18TC-AC, 16 FE RJ45 + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950
ZTE 2950-28TC,  RS-2950-28TC-AC, 24 FE RJ45 + 2 GE SFP + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950
ZTE 2950-52TS,  RS-2950-52TS-AC, 48 FE RJ45 + 4 GE SFP ZTE ZXR10 2950
The expansion card: ( 4 FE SFP ports, 4 GE SFP ports, 4 GE RJ45 ports card available) 




ZTE 2950-18TC, RS-2950-18TC-AC, 16 FE RJ45 + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950ZTE 2950-18TC, RS-2950-18TC-AC, 16 FE RJ45 + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950



 ZXR10 2900E series switches are the superior layer 2 switches presented by ZTE. With innovative "easy" concept incorporated in every detail, ZXR10 2900E series switches bring users the ultimate efficiency, cutting the maintenance costs of the network through simple yet efficient methods.


ZXR10 2900E provides enhanced layer 2 threat defense capabilities to mitigate network attacks. Multiple measures like bi-direction ACL, dynamic ARP inspection, MAC/IP/port automatic binding after 802.1X authentication help enterprise users better secure their networks. 


ZXR10 2900E offers following switch types: 2910E-PS, 2918E, 2918E-PS, 2928E, 2928E-PS and 2952E.


The interface combinations of these switches are listed below:


2910E-PS:   8*FE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 2*GE Combo

2918E:       16*FE RJ45 + 2*GE Combo

2918E-PS: 16*FE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 2*GE Combo

2928E:       24*FE RJ45 + 2*GE Combo + 2*GE SFP

2928E-PS: 24*FE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 1*expansion card slot (1*4 FE SFP ports/ 1*4 GE SFP ports/ 1*4 GE RJ45 ports card available)

2952E:       48*FE RJ45 + 4*GE SFP



The state-of-the-art ZXR10 2900E series switches have full support to all the leading L2 features and are suitable to be placed in enterprise networks and campus networks. ZXR10 2900E provides full service support, ease-of-maintenance experiences, highly secure and reliable networking methods to ensure sound network operation.


Smart VLAN support 

ZXR10 2900E series switches not only support 1:1 VLAN mapping, but also support N: 1 VLAN mapping. Vlan aggregation thus can be realized at the access layer, increasing the efficiency of VLAN usage.


ZXR10 2900E also supports other VLAN features, including port-based VLAN, subnet VLAN, Protocol-based VLAN, SuperVLAN, QinQ and flexible selective QinQ. Enterprise network administrator can distinguish user and service effectively and apply different strategies thereafter.


ZXR10 2900E supports voice VLAN, which means the automatic assignment of dedicated VLAN and QoS strategy to voice equipments, thus enabling the voice traffic to enjoy high priority.


Improve Video Bearing Capabilities

Multicast based technologies like video-surveillance and videoconference are becoming more and more popular these days. ZXR10 2900E fully supports L2/L3 multicast, including IGMP snooping, Filtering, Proxy and Fastleave, MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration) and PIM-SM to facilitate the deployments of these services.


ZXR10 2900E also supports administratively scoped multicast to implement refined control to multicast applications. 



All the electrical access interfaces of ZXR10 2910E-PS, 2918E-PS and 2928E-PS support POE and POE+, which go in line with 802.3af and 802.3at standards, and are compatible with PD equipments that doesn't support 802.3af and 802.3at. For POE, the power output per single interface can reach 15.4W; For POE+, the power output per single interface can reach 30W. ZXR10 2900E supports assigning POE time-ranges and assigning the maximum POE output for specific interfaces, in time periods that doesn't need power output, the POE function can be turned off, saving energy for the customer.



ZXR10 2900E supports rich security related measures to ensure the customer can have a robust network. 


With egress ACL, important access terminals can be protected with fewer configurations, users don't have to configure ingress ACL on each access interface. 


After user passed 802.1X authentication, the MAC/IP/port relationship can be automatically frozen, so that future MAC/IP spoofing attacks can be prevented.


With DAI (Dynamic ARP inspection) function and IP/MAC binding, the DOS attacks would be effectively restricted.


Traffic mirroring/analyzing functions like SPAN, RSPAN and sFlow help network administrator better understand network running status.




The innovative M-Button function enables the network administrator to fetch important equipment information including port/memory/CPU status in case of network problems, enabling instant trouble-shooting, and thus reducing OPEX to the utmost extent. 


GVRP VLAN Registration Protocol can help network administrators reduce network configuration workloads and easily deploy large amounts of VLAN in complicated networking environment. ZXR10 2900E series switches support the implementation, distribution, registration and transmission of VLAN attribute in dynamic GVRP pattern, which can simplify VLAN configuration management, and reduce network interconnection problems caused by inconsistent configuration.


ZXR10 2900E series switches support Zero Configurations, which means the switch can automatically download software images and configurations, enabling plug and play and drastically reducing maintenance cost.



Following green and eco-friendly design philosophy, ZXR10 2900E helps the customers save energy and reduce power consumption from all the aspects of design:   

No fan (2918E/2928E/2952E). 


The product adopts the advanced chip technology, so the power consumption of the main chip is reduced up to 20%.


The materials used during the product life span of 2900E completely meet RoHS and WEEE standards. 


ZTE 2950-18TC, RS-2950-18TC-AC, 16 FE RJ45 + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950ZTE 2950-18TC, RS-2950-18TC-AC, 16 FE RJ45 + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950ZTE 2950-18TC, RS-2950-18TC-AC, 16 FE RJ45 + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950 ZTE 2950-18TC, RS-2950-18TC-AC, 16 FE RJ45 + 2 GE Combo ZTE ZXR10 2950

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