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ZTE 5250-28PM-H, RS-5250-28PM-H, 20 GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 4 GE Combo ports + 1 expansion card ZTE ZXR10 5250

Products Status Stock
Ports Other, ≥ 48
Transmission Rate 10/100/1000Mbps
Function LACP, POE, QoS, SNMP, Stackable, VLAN Support
Communication Mode Other, Full-Duplex & Half-Duplex
Certification CE RoHS FCC
Switch Capacity 32Gbps
Brand Name ZTE
Model Number ZTE 5250-28PM-H
Place of Origin Guangdong, China

Product Features

ZTE 5250-28PM-H,  RS-5250-28PM-H, 20 GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 4 GE Combo ports + 1 expansion card  ZTE ZXR10 5250


ZTE Switch ZXR10 5250 Series All Gigabit Intelligent Switch  


RS-5250-28TC RS-5250-52TC RS-5250-28SM RS-5250-28PM RS-5250-52PM

5250 Series All Gigabit Intelligent Switch  

5250 supports comprehensive features to facilitate the deployment of unicast/multicast services. Traffic separation/Qos/network resilience/security related requirements can all be met. 5250 is also strong in its easy-maintenance and energy-saving features, making large scale deployment both efficient and environmental-friendly.

5250 offers 3 sub-series of products: 5250-L, 5250 and 5250-H. 5250-L supports relatively basic features; 5250 supports more features, has stronger performance for certain functions while 5250-H supports even more advanced features like Ethernet OAM.

Following switch types are included in 5250: 5250-28TS-L, 5250-52TS-L, 5250-28TC, 5250-52TC, 5250-28SM, 5250-28PM, 5250-52PM, 5250-28TC-H, 5250-52TC-H, 5250-52PM-H. The interface combinations of these switches are listed below:

5250-28TS-L: 24*GE RJ45 + 4*GE SFP 

5250-52TS-L: 48*GE RJ45 + 4*GE SFP 

5250-28TC: 24*GE RJ45 + 2*GE SFP + 2*GE Combo 

5250-52TC: 48*GE RJ45 + 2*GE SFP + 2*GE Combo 

5250-28SM: 24*GE SFP + 1*expansion card slot (4*GE RJ45/4*GE SFP available) 

5250-28PM: 20*GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) +4 Combo (electrical interfaces in combo support POE/POE+) + 1*expansion card slot (4*GE RJ45/4*GE SFP /4*10GE SFP+ available) 

5250-52PM: 48*GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 1*expansion card slot (4*GE RJ45/4*GE SFP /4*10GE SFP+ available) 

5250-28TC-H: 24*GE RJ45 + 2*GE SFP + 2*GE Combo 

5250-52TC-H: 48*GE RJ45 + 2*GE SFP + 2*GE Combo 

5250-52PM-H: 48*GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 1*expansion card slot (4*GE RJ45/4*GE SFP /4*10GE SFP+ available, while RJ45 is the short form for 10/100/1000 Ethernet). 

All the gigabit interfaces of 5250 series  fully comply with 802.3u and 802.3z standards. The copper 10/100/1000 ports or RJ45 ports of 5250 supports Auto-MDIX feature. Switch types  included in 5250 supports 1000Base-SX, 1000Base-LX, 1000Base-T SFP on 1000Base-X ports. 

5250 is non-blocking switch and all the interfaces mentioned above can operate in wire speed.

ZTE 5250-28PM-H, RS-5250-28PM-H, 20 GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 4 GE Combo ports + 1 expansion card ZTE ZXR10 5250ZTE 5250-28PM-H, RS-5250-28PM-H, 20 GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 4 GE Combo ports + 1 expansion card ZTE ZXR10 5250ZTE 5250-28PM-H, RS-5250-28PM-H, 20 GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 4 GE Combo ports + 1 expansion card ZTE ZXR10 5250ZTE 5250-28PM-H, RS-5250-28PM-H, 20 GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 4 GE Combo ports + 1 expansion card ZTE ZXR10 5250ZTE 5250-28PM-H, RS-5250-28PM-H, 20 GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 4 GE Combo ports + 1 expansion card ZTE ZXR10 5250

Full L2 features

5250 supports IEEE 802.1d spanning tree, IEEE 802.1w fast spanning tree and 802.1s multiple spanning tree for L2 loop-free purpose. 5250 supports IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation; at most 8 ports can reside in one link aggregation group and 5250 supports 15 link aggregation groups. 

5250 supports Jumbo frame function; frame with a maximum size of 10240 is supported. 

5250 supports IEEE 802.1q. 4096 VLAN is supported while the VLAN 1-4094 can be used as service VLAN (4094 active VLAN at most). 

The VLAN can be assigned based on port or MAC address. 

5250 not only supports 1:1 VLAN mapping, but also supports N:1 VLAN mapping. VLAN aggregation can thus be implemented at the access layer to increase the efficiency of VLAN utilization. 

5250 also supports QinQ and flexible selective QinQ. Network administrator can distinguish users and services effectively and apply different strategies thereafter. 

5250 supports GVRP. Thus easy-configuration is provided in case of installing lots of Ethernet switches. 

5250 supports Voice VLAN (which means the automatic assignment of dedicated VLAN and Qos strategy to voice equipment), thus enabling the voice traffic to enjoy higher priority.

Improve Video Bearing Capabilities

Multicast-based technologies like video-surveillance, videoconference and IPTV are becoming more and more popular these days. 5250 fully supports L2 multicast, including IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping, Filtering, Proxy and Fastleave, MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration) to facilitate the deployment of these services.

5250 also supports administratively scoped multicast to implement refined control to multicast applications.

IPv6 Features 

5250 supports many IPv6 features, including IPV6/IPV4 dual protocol stacking, Telnet v6, Ping V6, ND, MLD Snooping, IPV6 ACL and DHCP V6 Snooping to facilitate the deployment of these services (5250-L doesn't support).

Intelligent Power over Ethernet 

All the electrical access interfaces of 5250-28PM, 5250-52PM/5250-52PM-H support POE and POE+, which go in line with IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standards, and are compatible with PD equipment that doesn't support IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at. For POE, the power output per single interface can reach 15.4W; For POE+, the power output per single interface can reach 30W. Not all interfaces can reach 30W output at the same time. 

5250 POE switches support assigning time-ranges for POE and maximum POE output for specific interfaces. During the time when power output is unnecessary, the POE function can be turned off to save energy for the customer.

5250 supports full Qos related features including traffic classification, priority marking/re-marking, queue scheduling, congestion management and traffic speed limiting.

IEEE 802.3x is supported for traffic control purpose. 

Traffic classification/priority marking can be done based on VLAN id (IEEE 802.1p), physical interface, TCP/UDP port number, and also on COS and TOS value. 

 8 priority queues are supported on each interface of 5250. 5250's queue scheduling means include SP (strict priority), WRR (weighted round robin).  

5250 supports traffic speed limiting on both ingress interfaces and egress interfaces.

Broadcast/multicast and unknown unicast suppression are also supported to minimize the possibility of network storm.

Enhanced Security

5250's CPU uses control plane security mechanism to classify and control the speed of the protocol messages that CPU needs to process. This mechanism makes sure that the speed of the messages delivered to the switch's protocol stack is within a proper range, which avoids CPU breakdown caused by excessive messages.

For user management, 5250 not only supports normal username/password login method, but also supports encrypted login pattern including SSH, further eliminating the risk of username/password revelation.

5250 supports DHCP snooping and can implement DAI (dynamic ARP inspection) and IP source guard to mitigate the effect of any possible network attack.

 5250 supports not only ingress ACL but also egress ACL. ACL can be configured on target/source IP address and target/source TCP/UDP port number. VLAN based ACL is also supported.

User can implement incoming and outgoing traffic classification and speed restriction at the same time. This mechanism enables the customer to greatly simplify configuration and make more refined control in certain scenarios.

The privilege of user groups can be assigned so that different user groups can have access to different command sets. 5250 can read the user privilege info from AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) server and then implement privilege controls on different users.

 Energy-Saving and Green

5250 series switches fully support IEEE 802.3az, which means it can set the port to idle state dynamically when there's no traffic transmission over the port. In this way, electricity can be saved, and the power consumption of a single port can be reduced by up to 70%. 

5250 supports dynamic fan speed adjustment, the rotating speed of the fan can be adjusted according to the internal temperature of the equipment. When the equipment is experiencing relatively high temperature, the rotating speed of the fan will be increased; when the equipment is experiencing relatively low temperature, the rotating speed of the fan will be decreased. 

The materials used in making 5250 also go in line with RoHS and WEEE standard, which means minimum pollution and great contribution to global environment.

By using other energy-saving technologies, for example, disabling idle ports and adjusting port power consumption per cable length, 5250 decreases the power consumption for the customer to the utmost extent. 

Easy Maintenance

5250 supports multiple remote management patterns, including local CLI (command line interface), WEBUI, telnet, SSHv2, SNMPv1/v2/v3, GUI and a USB console interface. 

5250 supports EAP (extensible authentication protocol), MAC-based Authentication, and the access of 5250 can also be controlled by protocols like 802.1x, RADIUS and TACACS+. 

5250 can realize local and remote authorization in order to ensure the safety of operation. In addition to that 5250 provides NBI (North-bound interface) to provide interconnection integration. 

FTP and TFTP are supported to let user download software or configuration file from the web. 5250 has 256MB flash memory. It means that lots of copies of software and configuration can be kept on the switch.

5250 supports RMON; administrator can define events of their interest and can have knowledge of these events in case these events happen. 

Creative M-Button enables the administrator to obtain the status of equipment, like memory and CPU utilization rate without login onto the 5250. With this feature, the time for administrator to locate the failure cause can be greatly reduced.

5250 supports zero-configuration. When powered on, the equipment can automatically fetch its own software version and images. 

5250 supports off-power alarming. Off-power alarm means the equipment can send alarms to designated server if there is a power failure, reporting the equipments halts working because of the power failure. Power failure is a commonly seen error for access equipment, and off-power alarm can help the operation staff make quick judgment and accelerate failure processing. 

5250 also supports Ethernet OAM (only 5250-H supports). It not only provides fault detection methods but also provides a method to measure network performance. 5250 supports IEEE 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management (CFM), Ethernet Local Management Interface (E-LMI), IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet OAM discovery, link monitoring, remote fault detection, remote loopback and Y.1731. 

5250 supports NTP (Network Time Protocol) and it can synchronize its clock with the main clock in the network. 

5250 supports LLDP and LLDP-MED to communicate with other equipment in the network.

5250 is highly reliable, with a MTBF>200,000 hours.

ZTE 5250-28PM-H, RS-5250-28PM-H, 20 GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 4 GE Combo ports + 1 expansion card ZTE ZXR10 5250

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ZTE 5250-28PM-H, RS-5250-28PM-H, 20 GE RJ45 (POE/POE+) + 4 GE Combo ports + 1 expansion card ZTE ZXR10 5250

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