Product Details

Laird Tflex 320 H Tflex 300

Brand Name Laird
Place of Origin United States
Model Number Tflex 320 H
Material Fiberglass
Type Insulation Sheet
Application High Voltage

Product Features

Laird Tflex 320 H Tflex 300

Tflex 300, at pressures of 50psi, will deflect to over 50% the original thickness. This high rate of compliancy allows the material to totally blanket the component, enhancingthermal transfer. The material has a very low compression set enabling the pad to be reusedmany times. Tflex 300, in achieving its stellar compliancy, does not sacrifice thermal performance.With a thermal conductivity of 1.2 W/mK, low thermal resistances can be achieved at lowpressures. Tflex 300-H is offered with a hard, metallized liner option for easy handling and improvedrework. The metallized liner lower coefficient of friction also allows for easy assembly ofparts that must slide together, such as a card into a chassis.


Tflex indicates Laird elastomeric thermal gap filler product line. 3xxx indicates Tflex 300 product line with thickness in mils (0.001”)


• Laird Tflex 340 = 0.040 inch thick Tflex™ 300 material

• Laird Tflex 380DC1 = 0.080 inch thick Tflex™ 300 material with DC1 coating

• Laird Tflex 3120TG = 0.120 inch thick Tflex™ 300 material with Tgard™ liner

• Laird Tflex 3200H = 0.200 inch thick Tflex™ 300 material with hard PET liner

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