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Fruit Weight Sorting Classifier Machine Cherry Sorting Machine High Effective

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Dimension(L*W*H) 8700×1420×1750mm
Power(W) 6Kw
Type Sorter
Model Number
Brand Name GELGOOG
Place of Origin China
Condition New

Product Features

Working principle: Pour the fruit into the hopper of the elevator and transport it to the drum, forward by the built-in auger

Advancing, the appropriate apertures in order from small to large fall into the receiving trough body, and are discharged from the pouring port, thereby

It can be evenly divided into various sizes and specifications, and the grading aperture can be customized

Scope of application: This rotary drum classifier is used to sort and sort round and oval fruits and vegetables such as jujube, walnut, hawthorn, sand fruit, mushroom, asparagus, etc.

Keywords:fruit grader machine,fruit grade sorting machine,orbital type fruit sorting machine

The orbital type fruit sorting machine belongs to a fruit grading and screening machine. It has a frame. The rows of runners installed on the upper part of the frame are connected with the rows of active runners installed on the lower part of the frame through a conveyor belt. The shaft of the frame is connected with the shaft of the motor through a reduction mechanism. The gap between the runners on the upper part of the frame is wide in the front and narrow in the back. The front end of the frame is equipped with a fruit outlet inclined plate and the rear end is equipped with a fruit inlet inclined plate. There is a lateral fruit output sloping plate under each runner. This fruit sorting machine realizes the mechanization of fruit selection, thereby reducing labor intensity, improving work efficiency, eliminating the influence of human factors, and the quality of fruit selection is high and consistent. Good performance, simple and reasonable structure, and low manufacturing cost.

This equipment is used for the selection of fresh tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, apples, blackberries, onions, peppers and other fruits and vegetables with soft surfaces and smooth fruits and vegetables. For example: the level used to sort apples, potatoes, green onions, tomatoes, etc., is to divide the above products into 3-6 grades according to the size of the head and the geometric size of the product according to the category. The sorting speed can be determined according to the product requirements. Fast, high accuracy, labor saving and labor saving, greatly improving work efficiency.


1. This orbital type fruit sorting machine is suitable for the grading of all kinds of round and oval fruits and vegetables. The fruit is delivered by the conveyor belt. The drop of the fruit is small. The grading process will not cause secondary damage to the fruit.

2. All parts in contact with the fruit are thickened and soft, the grading process will not damage the fruit, and the grading size can be adjusted at will.

3. It is made of all stainless steel material, with high hardness and unchanging shape. The equipment is sturdy and durable. At the same time, it is equipped with a large fruit tray for feeding (you can choose to feed on the side of the machine or on the top of the machine), which can pick out bad fruits. One machine with multiple uses.

4. The number of grading can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the size of the grading can be adjusted arbitrarily.

5. All copper motors are used, both 220v and 380v are available, and a new speed regulation model is added.

6. The whole machine is guaranteed for 1 year. During the warranty period, the motor and other accessories can be replaced free of charge. Outside the warranty period, accessories are replaced at market prices. 

7. The working track is made of silicone tape.


Model and parameters


Production capacity: 2-10t/h


Equipped with power: 6Kw


Grading level: Level 5


Dimensions: 8700×1420×1750mm

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