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Multi-Functional Commercial Fried Snack Food Frying Equipment Automatic Chips Batch Gas Fryer Machine for Sale

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Multi-Functional Commercial Fried Snack Food Frying Equipment Automatic Chips Batch Gas Fryer Machine For Sale 
Automatic Batch Fryer Machine/ Batch Frying Snack Machine/Automatic Batch Frying Machine

As the professional manufacturer of the automatic batch fryer machine which basics on customer's demands, we designed top quality whole line solution for satisfying different capacity demands. The batch fryer machine uses electricity/gas as the heat source, manual discharging, automatic stirring, and simple operation. The fryer has the automatic temperature control system , also multi-functional industrial fried pellet snacks batch frying equipment can separate inferior oil, which is completely safe and easy to clean.

The Brief Description Of Multi-Functional Commercial Fried Snack Food Frying Equipment Automatic Chips Batch Gas Fryer Machine 
Batch fryer machine is water-oil fried mixed equipment, it adopts the most advanced international oil mixed principle. The oil is used for fry food on the top, and the waster accept sinking residues at the bottom, so that oil will not become black. This machine is smoke-free type, good for the environment. It can be used for frying chicken,potato chips,donuts,snacks and so on. This machine have gas heating and electric heating type. Batch fryer machine is suitable for medium and small food processing enterprises, the finished fried foods are both tasty and good appearance, meanwhile, improves the quality of products, extend their shelf life.

The Technical Parameter Of Multi-Functional Commercial Batch Fryer Machine

DH-BM 10001400*1200*1600300kg36kw20kg/batch
DH-BM 12001600*1300*1650400kg48kw30kg/batch
DH-BM 15001900*1600*1700580kg60kw50kg/batch

NO.Features of Multi-Functional Commercial Fried Snack Food Frying Equipment Automatic Chips Batch Gas Fryer Machine 
1Heating source: electricity or gas;
2Automatic mixing: to ensure products being uniformly fried and prevent them from compression and adhesion.
3Automatic discharging and optional automatic feeding: through motor-driven manner to reduce laor intensity.
4Automatic temperature control: 0-300°C to be set at your will.
5Oil-water separation filtering system or pure oil filtering system.
6Batch fryer machine can be widely used to fry the snacks, pellets, potato chips, sticks, beans, nuts, peanuts etc.

How Is The Automatic Batch Fryer Machine Line Processing Working?
Batch Fryer -- Oil Filter -- De-Oiling Machine -- Seasoning Machine -- Conveyor

Batch fryerUsed for frying many kinds of foods, equipment with timer, temperature controller, automatic stirring device, and automatic unloading device.
FilterUsed for filtering the sediments while frying, try the best to prolong the oil using life.
De-oiling machine Centrifugal de-oiling and continuous working, the de-oiling time can be adjusted, frequency conversion control speed, frequency conversion trig.
Seasoning machineContinuous flavoring machine, we can adjust the tube speed and powder feeding speed to get the best mixing effect.
ConveyorConvey the finished products to the next machine. 

Application Range Of Industrial Snack Food Bactch Frying Equipment 
Automatic batch frying machine is widely used in fried dried fruit nuts, puffed food, meat product,etc, such as rice crisp, sweet sticky rice strips, peanut, beans, and fried cake with sugar, squid, fried chicken, and so on, an ideal equipment to produce fried food.

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