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Factory Price Automatic Frying Equipment Commercial Continuous Deep Fryer Machine for Sale

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actory Price Automatic Frying Equipment Commercial Continuous Deep Fryer Machine For sale 
Automatic Continuous Fryer/ Automatic Continuous Chips Frying Machine/ Deep Snacks Fryer Machine

As the professional commercial continuous fryer machine manufacturer, our automatic deep frying machine design good manufacturing process. Full automatic continuous fryer is made of food grade stainless steel, consists of lifting system, conveying system, heating system, blow-down system, oil circulation system, smoke exhaust system and electric control system. And full automatic gas/ electric continuous deep fryer mainly for frying potato chips, french fries, banana chips, and so on.
Brief Introduction Of Full Automatic Continuous Deep Fryer Machine
NO.Detail Description
1Machine materials: the whole frying machine is made of 304 stainless steel, healthy and easy to clean;
2Energy source: Electricity, LPG, Natural Gas, Diesel etc.
3World-famous brand electronic apparatus ensure the excellent and stable performance
4Controller box made of stainless steel or sprayed-plastic(optional), allows adjust frying time by variable conveying speed as required, alarm oil level.
5Double layer 304 stainless steel belt, preventing products floating, ensure complete and perfect frying effect.
6Scrapers fixed on the belt, make the products come out easily.
7Electric belt and upper cover lifting setting, make cleaning more easier and save human power.

Applications Of Commercial Continuous Belt Conveyor Frying Machine
 Industrial Continuous frying machine widely use for deep frying meat, fish, chicken products, potato chips, french fries, onion slices, banana chips, chicken wings, donuts, seafood, eggplant, and other snack foods.

The Parameter Of Full Automatic Continuous Potato Chips Frying Machine

ModelPower Heating TemperatureOutputSize (L*W*H)

What Is The Advantages of the High Quality Automatic Continuous Fryer Machine Automatic Deep Snacks Frying Machine?
1. The Automatic Deep fryer has a wide range of uses. Continuous belt conveyor frying machine can fry various foods without changing the fat, without cooking smoke, and can prevent food from being contaminated by other odors.
2. The continuous deep frying machine saves time and is environmentally friendly. Compared with ordinary fryer, the food fried by this equipment does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances.

3. Advanced mechanical transmission and frequency conversion speed regulation system make the equipment can be used for frying various foods (such as tofu, meat cutting, meat pies, balls, chicken breast, rice bran, fish, etc.).
4. The oil pool adopts advanced and efficient heating system and heat preservation technology to save energy, improve work efficiency and reduce unit cost.
The Fried crispy dough food frying machine is a high technology fryer, it uses automatic temperature control system, and it can set multiple classes heating mechanisms, temperature control can be achieved partitions.

Our Service
We provide Professional After sale service:
  1. 1 year warranty for the machines.

  2. Overseas installation and train the first-line operators.

  3. For any questions, professional technicians will solve for you timely.

  4. Training workers for the production

  5. Provide basic formula.

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