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Blood glucose test strips

Product Features

Blood glucose meter box size:

Volume: 83.5cm × 48CM × 34CM

Gross weight: 25.3kg,

100 sets in a box,

One set includes: 1 instrument

50 test strips

50 blood collection needles.

Note: 2 barrels / box. 25 / barrel

Parameters of blood glucose meter:

Calibration sample: venous plasma

Blood sample size: 0.6 μ L

Test time: 5S

Hemostasis: 30% to 60%

Battery: CR2032 3.0V button battery

Battery life: 1000 tests

Size: 8.5 x 6 x 1.8cm

Weight: 60g

Measurement range: 1.1 to 33.3 mmol / L or 20-600 mg / dL or 1-33.3 mmol / L

Several purchase options:

(1) , direct purchase of a complete set of minimum package scheme: there is a blood glucose meter, 50 test strips, 50 disposable blood sampling needles, 1 blood sampler.


MOQ: 100.

(2) Buy test paper separately. MOQ: 10000. FOB:$0.09。

(3) If you buy more than 500 test papers, we will consider selling you one (actual value of glucose meter is $3.3) at a very low price (US $1), assuming you buy 10000 test papers, you will get 20 blood glucose meters at a very low price (20 dollars). This program is called: buy test strips and give away blood glucose meter. 

(4) If the quantity is huge, the number of single purchase of paper test paper exceeds 50000, and the price can be favorable.

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