Product Details

Ceiling Mount Double Domes LED Shadow-Less Lamp for Operating Room / Operating Theatre

Brand Name C&H Medical
Place of Origin China
Model Number LED-500d
Type Operation Illuminating Lamps

Product Features

Ceiling Mount Double Domes LED Shadow-Less Lamp for Operating Room / Operating Theatre

With innovations such as powerful LED technology, multi-lens matrixes, and adaptive lighting management, our Medical Lighting equipment, Ceiling Mount Double Satellites LED Surgery Lamp, gives users better working environment.

Features & Specifications:

1, OSRAM brand, made in Germany LED units;
2, MITSUBISHI brand, made in Japan, PMMA materials optical grade lens for each LED unit;
3, With PWM sonstant-current controlling technology, avoid unsteady current impacting LED units, lamps service life can be 50,000 hours;
4, Each separated LED unit fixed with one separated heat radiating units, have excellent heat dissipation;
5, 6 LED units are series connected as one group, different groups are parallel connected as one lamp panel; If any group / unit fault, others work regular;
6, Every LED unit / Radiating unit can be dismantled without effecting others;
7, Engery saving, with maximum illumination as 160,000Lux, power dissipation is no more than 45W (One Lamp Panel);
8, Gives minium heat radiation to lighting area, when servicing, temperature rising around user's head area is no more than 2°C;
9, Color Rendering Index (CRI) no less than 96%;
10, Color Temperature 3 or 4 stages adjustable;
11, Lighting spot size stages adjustable; Or continuing adjustable (Optional function);
12, Illumination stages adjustable and continuing adjustable;
13, Turn-Off operating protection function, avoid misoperation;
14, One button to change over shadow-less lighting for surgery operating and cool white embient lighting for endoscopy operating (Optional function);
15, Streamline structure lamp satellites, to reduce effect for air flow, meets clean room air flow requirements;
16, Knock-Down handles, easy for sterilizing;


Lamp Satelltes Size: Φ700mm + Φ500mm
Big Lamp Panel LED Units Qty.: 54
Small Lamp Panel LED Units Qty.: 36
Made in  Germany ceiling system and spring arms

Main Parameters (Single Satellite Lamp):

Optical ParameterEc≥160,000 Lux
Color Temperature 3900K / 4200K / 4500K Adjustable

180mm / 250mm Optional

or 180mm~250mm Adjustable

Temperature Rise≤2℃
L1 + L2≥1200mm
Electrical ParameterElectricityAC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Input Power210VA
Power Dissipation≤40W
Radiant Emittance≤220 W/m2
Mechanical ParameterArm Horizontal Rotate360°
Balancer Horizontal Rotate360°
Balancer Vertical Rotate80°
Light Satellite Vertical Rotate180°

Optional Parts & Functions:
Camera in one lamp panel central handle;
Camera with separated arm;
4.3'' FHD Touch Screen control panel (display of camera);
Professional monitor with separated arm;

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