Product Details

Conductive waistband for tens

Type Other, Massage belt
Brand Name YKY
Model Number YD-B101
Place of Origin Guangdong, China

Product Features


Conductive Belt:
1.Treating back pain/numbness
2.Have a demonstra effect
3.High Volt
4.Micro-current and Muscle Stimulation

Conductive Belt Devices: 
1.Connect with TENS 
2.Muscle Stimmulate  
5.High Volt Galvani 
1.Provide stimulation exactly where you need it all the time 
2.Support wraps provide compression therapy and increased circulation 
3.Replaces conventional  stimulation electrodes 
4.Variety of conducting electrodes for use with  upport wraps & vests 
5.Covered by Medicare and most insurances

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