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Purchasing Service in Yiwu

Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
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Our team of highly skilled and experienced sourcing staff helps you to find the right supplier at the right price in Yiwu

For many years, Sunchine Consulting supports importers, international buyers and also small trading companies from all the continents when they purchase in Yiwu. We can help you to buy in Yiwu at bargain prices quality items that exactly meet what you are looking for in terms of price, quality and quantity.


Independent service provider, we have not ties with Chinese Manufacturers and Wholesalers and are fully committed to defend and protect the interests of our clients coming from all the continents.


Yiwu Market specializes in the wholesale trade in small commodities for everyday use. 70% of the shops are factory outlets. If you want to visit all the shops and see all items on display it would take you more than a year.


The strongest industries are: toys, gifts and handicrafts, jewellery and fashion accessories, needles, ribbons, zippers, socks, shoes, bags, sunglasses, watches, towels, clothing and accessories, office supplies, electrical supplies, hardware and tools, electronics, digital products…


The advantage of Yiwu market is that you can buy all types of commodities at low prices without having to order in large quantity. Normally the MOQ is one carton per item in Yiwu market; but some other items may require more than one carton as minimum order quantity.


Yiwu permanent market is a good choice for companies wishing to buy commodities in small and medium quantities. But the purchase should be prepared with great care.


The items sold in Yiwu are of very different quality, there are items of poor quality, items of medium-quality and also items of very good quality.


The most interesting products are not necessarily shown on the internet. Indeed the main objective of the sellers in Yiwu is to realize a maximum turnover without concerning themselves with the quality of products sold.



Our services to help you to purchase on Yiwu Market include:


- A preliminary products research and targeting of the most appropriated suppliers in order to prepare your business travel to Yiwu properly.


- The organization of your travel to Yiwu, including taking of your business appointments, planning and management of your schedules and itinerary in China, hotel booking (in 3 or 4 star hotel with air conditioning, individual room with breakfast and free wireless internet connection)


- Personalized welcoming at Shanghai pudong Airport or at Hangzhou xiaoshan Airport or at Yiwu Airport. A Chinese English speaking driver is waiting for you and takes you to your hotel.


- Transfer airport-hotel and hotel-airport at the end of your business travel in Yiwu.


- Car rental with private driver


- Meeting of arrival: Presentation of your guide/business interpreter - Targeting of your expectations


- The provision of a highly skilled Chinese-English Business Interpreter with several years of experience in trading negotiations with wholesalers and outlet keepers in Yiwu.
All our Business Interpreters are native Chinese speakers with an international background education.
Our bilingual or trilingual Business Interpreting Services are available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Arabic.


- Daily accompanying and guided tours through the most attractive Yiwu markets  for your company and business negotiation assistance all along your journey in Yiwu


- Follow up, monitoring, control and  warehouse service to group your purchase orders


- Transport logistics organization and management from China until the countries of destination of the goods with possibility of the consolidation of your purchases in the same container


- Products Inspection to verify the quality standards and the conformity of the purchased commodities.
This inspection carried out according to the AQL standard by an independent and certified Chinese inspector will enable you to get all the certificates required by European authorities, American authorities and others, avoid custom problems and prevent costly return of goods.


- The issue of a single export invoice in China


- Completion of the customs clearance procedures


- We take care of the transportation of your goods by sea or by air from Yiwu in China to your warehouse.




What benefits will your company get by opting for our sourcing services in Yiwu and all over China?


- We offer a complete range of high quality, tailor-made services. We have an unwavering passion for quality and excellence. We help you to import only quality products from China.


- We find the right suppliers in the right places in Yiwu and all over China for you. These suppliers are generally not listed on Internet. Indeed, B2B directories only show a small part of the suppliers we find out when digging much deeper on site in China to select the suppliers who best meet your specifications and requirements.


- We help you to reduce both direct and indirect purchasing expense.


- By entrusting us with the organization and planning of your travel to Yiwu, you win time, you save substantially on costs and you gain in competitiveness.


- Our seasoned negotiators negotiate on our behalf in Chinese to achieve best quality-price ratio possible. You reap the benefits of our years of experience in conducting successful trade negotiations in China.


- You get proven quality control inspection system carried out by experienced highly qualified and accredited Chinese inspectors to minimize the risks.


- We offer you an End-to-end purchase and transportation management, from sourcing the most accurate suppliers to the delivery to your warehouse.




Who we are


Sunchine International provides to companies from the five continents, all the tools and services they need to maximize the security of their purchases and production in China and to get the best Price-Quality ratio when importing from China.


Well-established in the most active industrial regions of China for manay years, we have offices in Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong Shanghai and Dongguan adjacent to GUangzhou in the north and also in France. 


The corporate culture and the way of doing business in China differ notably from the Western models. Our highly specialized personal are multicultural and know very well these important differences that exist between the Chinese and overseas cultures.


Independent from Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers, we are fully committed to defend and protect the interests of our clients in China. 



The activities of Sunchine International are divided in 3 distinct units:


 - Import-Export Consulting, Sourcing, Purchasing, Import Management, representative office management


- Quality Management, Auditing, inspection and quality control services; laboratory testing, certification


- Interpreting and Translating Services in 11 languages; Organisation and planning of business travels; Canton Fair business assistances services




Any Query?  Please feel free to contact us.


We can speak English, French, Italian, Spanish.


          Purchasing Service in Yiwu



 Purchasing Service in Yiwu

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