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On Malaysia's operation of re export trade!

At present, with the rise of India's national economy, it is very similar to that of China in the 1970s and 1980s. At present, there are high anti-dumping duties on many products of China, such as bicycles and their accessories, stainless steel products, ceramic tableware, chemical and mechanical products, etc, It can be exported from Malaysia India free trade certificate of origin (form AI as attached), which can be used for customs clearance and delivery at the port of destination. It can also be used to collect payment from Malaysia (the collection agreement will be signed at that time to ensure the safety of your company's payment), insurance, material documents and other documents can also be sent

Simple process: port of China - western port of Malaysia (customs clearance / container change / photo taking / customs declaration) - Application for two-way bill of lading - Indian port (Malaysia document clearance)

Hope to meet anti-dumping or high tariff friends more exchanges, hope to be able to accept and create the future together!!!

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Form AI sample:

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