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KM Flexo plate mounting machine

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KM Flexo plate mounting machine
1. 1. Right-left positioning via precise linear guide, the monitor is up-and-down adjustable, with high precise screw unit (Taiwan or Japan made high precise linear guide)
2. 2. Advanced zoom lens, high definition Taiwan CCD camera, Samsung LCD monitor displayer.
3. 3. Two horizontal cross lines & two vertical cross lines can be independently moved, highly ensure the positioning of multi cross lines.
4. 4. The camera can be adjusted in 6 directions, the degree of parallelism is adjustable, high precise plate mounting, accurate registering, mounting proofing realized by the mechanic fine adjustment, able to highly precise the position between the plate and the base line results in the same location and the high precision for each plate.
5. 5. Able to directly check the precision of the mounting after it has been mounted on, highly ensures the quality of the mounting.
6. 6. Quick mounting, easy to operate, highly improves the efficiency.

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